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Episode 5 · 5 months ago

The Super Bowl Bonanza


Drew gives all of his analysis for the big game. He called Mahomes' greatness back in the day, does he ride him again as the Chiefs take on the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

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Episode 9 · 2 months ago

The NFL Draft Recap

The NFL Draft was a resounding success as it broke records for total viewership. Drew breaks down BOTH New York franchise, as they both held their own in the draft. Drew dives right into who made the right moves and wrong moves during the winners and losers segment. Your questions have returned and Drew brings out his broom to answer them.

Episode 8 · 2 months ago

The NFL Draft Special

With the NFL Draft less than 48 hours away, Drew details what the Giants need to do to have a successful draft. Drew goes in depth with who are his favorite players in this draft and his favorite sleepers. The questions segment returns and is bigger and better than ever.

Episode 7 · 3 months ago

Lucky Number 7

COVID-19 has put a stop to all sports for the time being, but this won't stop the POD. Back from a long layoff Drew touches NFL Free Agency quarterback signings. As usual Drew goes in depth with the New York Giants and what they have done during this period. The questions segment returns.